Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dream world ... or is it?

Sorry - I've been asleep this past week ... well trying to sleep. The one department of menopause that I'm struggling with is the absolute exhaustion. Yet even though I'm drop dead tired, as soon as I go to bed, I can't sleep. Then I do sleep, then I have a hot flash, then I'm awake, then I'm asleep, then Molly licks my face, then I'm awake, then I'm hot, then I'm...

And then the alarm clock goes off.

How am I even lucid? But then maybe I'm not? But only I don't notice?

A small digression before I re-attach the IV drip of coffee to my vein: while biking to work this morning I noticed that all the garbage bins were lined up perfectly on a very long street. Like surreal 1950s-era Tim Burton movie kind of perfect. And as I biked along began to think that perhaps, just maybe, this was actually a dream and I was still asleep in bed because who on earth would walk down a long street and align all the bins like that?

Life in the house with 14 has been very annoying lately. In addition to everything being sexual, he constantly comes up with absolute bizarre scenarios prefaced with: Mom, what would you do if... 

... if I ate my left arm
... if I ate that lamp post
... if I ate myself and then crapped myself out
... if I broke Jakob's arm off
... if the world exploded
... if I was killed by a dinosaur

I'm saving you from the really horrifying ones, ones that occasionally make me very angry. Ones also that to be honest I can't remember because I'm so freaking tired.

I can only now ignore or respond with stupid comments like "I would be sad because then you wouldn't be able to play the guitar anymore" even  if it's in response to what would you do if I ate that lamp post.

You know what sucks about being so tired and forgetting everything right now? I had a burning question that I wanted to position for feedback and now... gone, right out of my head.

Time for more coffee.

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