Friday, December 23, 2011

2 days, just 2 days

The insanity in the house has hit an all time high - complete with tears, melt downs and hysteria ... and that's just me!

The big news is that 9 is now 10 - double digits! Though 10 scoffs at the age because secretly he's been double digits for about 5 years now, I have just failed to acknowledge it.  We celebrated with a night out on the town, renting a room at the Sheraton Hotel on Queen Street with their indoor/outdoor pool - sadly the pool was under construction but fortunately we had a big white dented non-working fridge in our room! That and two bottles of water to make up for the inconvenience was totally worth it! Bit of a disappointment but we also had a family party on Sunday and asked for everyone to donate money towards an iPod to replace the one stolen by our no-longer part-time foster son.

What happened to 15b? Sadly his life spiraled out of control and CCAS moved him to Pickering where he is only a 10 minute bus ride from his mom and far enough away from us that we won't see him. But I suppose it's probably for the best if he's beginning to STEAL from us. I was hurt though, that CCAS would make this decision considering how involved we were in his life, our feelings for him, and how far in the fostering process we were, to up and move him without telling us - and that they continue to adhere to the philosophy that the mother he buys pot for is a more important relationship to maintain.

Oh well.

So back to me - I have hit the wall. I am going to drink wine all night, not think about presents and everything that I still need to do before Christmas, and instead watch It's a Wonderful Life so that I can get weepy and feel only love for my family.

Enjoy your night!

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