Tuesday, April 19, 2011

29 ... again

Yesterday was my birthday.

The end.

Actually no, it was way better than that!

Husband was wonderful, surprising me with a unique piece of jewellery before going out for dinner with no children. A date! To classify as a date my standards are not high, for example if the kids fall asleep in the backseat while driving to London, in my mind that is a date. So to actually go to a restaurant and spend a fortune on martinis and food and be able to carry a conversation without interruption (mostly about the kids but whatever) was pretty fantastic!

And 14 brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers picked out and paid for by himself! This is the FIRST (hopefully not only) time he has done this, in fact he's been a little thoughtless the past 4+ years. At least when he was young he would make me something which I would love and then I would cry.

But not only did 14 have flowers for me, he returned to his roots and made something as well - a symbol of his affection for me on an xBox game where he has created a crazy world for himself. As he leads me though tunnels and up staircases we come to a walkway high up in the sky where he has built himself a throne (he has a bit of an ego, that one) and behind his throne he has I love Mom floating in the air.

9 has spent the past week trying to get me to open the present he picked out (and I paid for) at the drug store (a movie: Time Travellers Wife - I was impressed and relieved, 9 could pretty much have picked out anything sordid and violent but he chose a chick flick!) and has plied me with homemade chocolate bars (quick recipe: melt chocolate chips and then freeze) which he's pretty proud of and thinks we should turn into a home business and sell).

After we invited good friends and neighbours over for cake and champagne and laughter.

A fantastic way to spend a birthday. And note that I did not once mention the f**cking snow.

My heart is full.

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