Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm looking for someone to slap

This is how tired I am - I nearly fell asleep while having my teeth attacked by my dental hygienist.

Except for when she had me laughing - she told me the story of a colleague's wife who was going through menopause and she would enter the kitchen each morning, hands on hip, and say 'I'm looking for someone to slap' and the husband and children would dart.

I just might have to incorporate that into my morning routine.

Though husband did say to me yesterday that I seem to be coping quite well without sleep.

Something else had me laughing yesterday too - while talking to a colleague about how school ending is really closing down on me, hard, like a rusty prison cell door slamming shut, I mentioned how it has been really hard finding camps that 9 would be willing to embrace. We came up with the concept of SLOTH camp which I thought was brilliant! What a money maker and all you would need is a TV, an xBox a fridge ... a few other electronic products and voila! Done! I would have chapters throughout all of North America and endless children on a waiting list. Would hardly need staff or counsellors - all I would have to do is throw food at them occasionally and keep fingers crossed that there would be no power outages.

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