Thursday, March 10, 2011

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Last night we were at 14's high school for an award ceremony for all 500 kids who made the honour roll, my 14 year old included. Even though the school lowered the bar from 80% to 75% as the average needed to be obtained, we were really proud of him because he did make the 80% average. Though in the car he said "our school's not very smart" as the reason behind the drop.

I should mention for the first time he refused to sit with us and instead sat on the other side of the gym with his friends and texted me. I so wanted to stand up and yell "son, SON, it's me MAAAA'AAAM!!! Over here!! Son! SON!!!!" while he accepted his award, but I held my tongue. Because I socialize occasionally in the same circle as one of the vice principals.

Anyway, husband and I were very proud... or so I thought.

The kids played their usual game of "let's be total asses in the back seat of the car with the end result being Mom & Dad pushed over the edge of sanity." A great game, one all families should play. Especially in poor weather conditions.

Except not only were we pushed to the edge, the kids lost all gaming and tv privileges for the night and husband told 14 that he didn't work hard enough and should have had better marks and dammit RESPECT ALL OF US A LITTLE MORE THAN YOU DO.

9 is now crying because he was really looking forward to back-to-back episodes of Futurama and if you can't watch tv and game, well is there any point to living?

Sure there is ... it's called SCRABBLE!

We tried one game, 9 won, 14 was bitter ... board game put away.

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