Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March break: Day 2

I can honestly say that so far, and it is only the second day so there is hope that things will change, I am not enjoing March Break.

14's goal: to stay in his boxers or pajama pants the entire week. So far, successful.

9's goal: to drive me insane and not leave the house. Can't even be bribed, which I tried to do with a Starbucks hot chocolate complete with whip cream and chocolate sauce and a NEW BIKE. A new freaking bike and he still feels that what I am suggesting is nothing shy of torture. And so far he has been very successful in the driving me insane part of his agenda.

Am I the only mother who's children do not like to leave the house ever? What is wrong with them? It's sunshine and blue skies out! I blame their father.

And meanwhile I pace. And do things that I'm sure I will regret like stripping the pillow covers off all the sofa cushions and cram them into the washing machine and hope for the best.

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