Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snot-nosed little freak - you have stepped too far

9 is being bullied - not physically but harassed and insulted constantly by this other 9 year old little snot who reminds me of Harper with his blonde hair and cold dead blue eyes. Yesterday evil 9 escalated his reign of terror and 9 reacted by stabbing him with a pencil to the arm (after repeatedly telling him to leave him alone - according to counsellor).

This is not good because 1) the pencil move no doubt wasn't hard enough to make evil 9 learn a lesson and leave my 9 alone and 2) because 9 reacted physically he could be kicked out of the after school program which he attends twice a week.

Nothing brings out the ferociousness in a mother than when her children are being harassed. Now where to begin because this needs to stop.

Call to principal, call to teacher, smear campaign ...

Hmmm, time to get creative.

Suggestions anyone?

1 comment:

  1. 9 might use the pretty gun on his iphone next - but I like his moxy.

    a nice motherly "chat" with evil 9 using the scary "mothervoice" might help the situation.....

    telling evil 9 to meet you out side "NOW" !