Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My nerves...

This represents my nerves, ready to snap, especially after a weekend trapped in the house with my family.

But funny story:

I was standing on a chair, putting the roasting pan on top of the cupboard over the fridge and asked my husband to pass me the rack I forgot but he couldn't because he was stretching. So I hopped off the stool, grabbed it and jumped back up.  After he finished stretching he climbed on the stool for something and asked me to pass him a dishcloth because it was FILTHY on top of the fridge, I said I couldn't because I was washing the dishes (may have also mumbled something obscene under my breath), so he went to hop down but his one leg got STUCK on the stool and he was kind of trapped awkwardly balancing on the other leg. Because I was doing dishes, I wouldn't couldn't help him so instead laughed until tears poured down my face.

I do believe there is a moral to that story.

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